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Price Zeiss 35mm f/2 ZM Biogon T* Manual Focus Lens (Black)

Zeiss 35mm f/2 ZM Biogon T* Manual Focus Lens (Black)
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Zeiss 35mm f/2 ZM Biogon T* Manual Focus Lens (Black)
From Zeiss

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Product Details

  • Brand: Zeiss
  • Model: 1365-659
  • Dimensions: 4.00" h x3.00" w x3.00" l,.53 pounds


  • The Carl Zeiss range of T* ZM-mount lenses offers the highest possible standards in terms of performance, reliability and, of course, image quality.
  • Virtually zero geometric distortion for accurate reproduction of object shapes, particularly products and architecture
  • Reduces unintended focus shift with aperture variation for improved accuracy of rangefinder defined focus
  • Precise 10-blade aperture with 1/3 stop interval click stops ensures exact exposure
  • Wear resistant filter mount for long-term reliability in tough conditions

Product Description

Biogon T* 2/35 ZM The powerful all-rounder... The lens of choice when a single lens has to do it all. This 9-element lens based on the Carl Zeiss Biogon design features outstanding image quality, high speed at a small size, stunning resolving power and next to zero distortion a unique combination for an M-bayonet camera. Ideal for travel, photojournalism, human interest reportage, outdoors and indoors photography, and documentation. Why M-mount? For more than 50 years now, passionate 35 mm photographers have been embracing the M-mount rangefinder camera system. From the lens designer's perspective, a rangefinder camera offers an exciting advantage over single lens reflex (SLR) cameras: more space. After all, there is no moving reflex mirror and drive mechanism. This allows for a short distance between the last lens element and the film meaning more opportunities for designing of superior lens types, including high performing wide-angle lenses. A passion ready for the challenge For our lens designers, the chance to develop the Carl Zeiss family of T* ZM-mount lenses was a dream come true. They were free to follow their passion in pursuit of perfection in lens performance, taking full advantage of our uncompromising symmetric lens designs. The only limitation was to reserve 15 mm in front of the film for the TTL exposure metering, commonplace in M-mount cameras. The result is a complete range of the most advanced M-mount lenses ever made. <



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